Japan: Worker in the atomic power station of Fukushima’ howl is uselessly’

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By Von Christoph Neidhart, Osaka

They cool the reactors, catch radioactively contaminated water, lay cable, install measuring instruments: How in the atomic power station Fukushima 450 workers fight under extreme conditions and constant mortal danger against the super-region.

In the nuclear power plant Fukushima 1 450 men fight against the radioactivity, the heat, the cold and above all the time. And against the living conditions which resemble those of the Tsunami refugees in her isolated emergency shelters. The men receive only two scanty meals per day and sleep in the conference rooms and halls of the administration building of Fukushima on the ground. They cover with tarpaulins of lead to protect themselves against radioactivity.

Nuclear authority of Japan emptiest other evacuations–

The men cool the reactors and the fuel elements in the spent fuel storage bays, they catch radioactively contaminated water, they lay cable, and they install measuring instruments and pumps. This might still last possibly one month.

Over and over again the work must be interrupted because the radioactivity is too high and new Pfützen of highly radioactive water are discovered, last in the service tunnel under the turbine buildings. Tepco said on Wednesday which plans company to close down the blocks 1 to 4. One does not have the intention to repair them. Short time later cabinet speaker Yukio Edano corrected: Also the less broken blocks 5 and 6 would be given up.

450 men are Tepco-and Toshiba-employee, in addition there come workers of supplier’s companies. Kazuma Yokota, boss of the Fukushima office of the agency for nuclear security, spent some days with them and now gave to the press information: Up to the explosion from the 15th March 800 men took care in the atomic power station around the stabilization of the position. Then everything were drawn off because of the raised radioactivity up to 50 men. Operator’s company Tepco was close to leave the melting nuclear fuel sticks to himself. The “Fukushima-50” has turned away together with the Tokioter fire brigade worse.

Food – strictly rations

Because of the high radioactive contamination of the surroundings of the atomic power station the supplies are extremely difficult for the workers. Therefore, they receive of only 30 dry sponges and a box of vegetable juice to the breakfast and per day everybody up to now 1.5 liters of water.

Only for a few days they may require the second bottle of water. Therefore, they would wash scantily with alcohol, according to Yokota. Their clothes cannot change them, they can also not take a shower.

It is worked in the reactor blocks of ten o’clock early till 17 o’clock. To the dinner there is rice canned food with vegetables and a box of chicken, meat or tuna. In the first days there was only dry bread, according to a Tepco-hired which was drawn off, in the meantime. ” We dreamed of a cup of tea. ” In each case at eight o’clock in the evening they have the position discussion which they finish with applause and loud “gambaro”: ” Fights! ” Then they go to bed on the ground. In the first days they had worked round-the-clock. While it is hot in the reactor blocks, at night they freeze.

The men received too little support, criticized Hirotada Hirose, a professor for psychology. If they got not enough food and sleep, they did rather mistake. A worker wrote in e-mails: ” Howl is useless. If we are now in the hell, we can creep only in the sky. «He tells, his village has been washed away by the Tsunami, his parents are still missed.

And then he says what becomes conscious by more and more Japanese: «The earthquake was a physical disaster. But in the radioactive infection Tepco is to blame. ”

He himself is the worker, a Tsunami victim, how most. He comes along worries about the children who would have to be sent to school because of the radioactive contamination now somewhere else, because of the people who would have lost her work. He asked a friend in Tokyo to publish his e-mails. He hopes, the people would understand that he and his colleagues would act what they could do.

However: «Who stands this? “

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