Cutting the Cost of Remote Power

Power at Remote Locations

Power at Remote Locations

Today over 1.6 billion people are living without a regular supply of electricity. In many areas the local grid is not viable or unstable. New technology provides complete electrification solutions for remote buildings or small villages.
Solar power is well known to be an expensive solution to remote electrification. This cost can be reduced by adding wind turbine generators to reduce the reliance on PV.

By default a hybrid wind/ PV system offers 24 hour production using the valuable night time period when PV becomes non productive.

Attractive savings and a reduced requirement for space have drawn the attention of many telecommunications operators worldwide. The system is ideally suited to radio mast power supply.


Renewable energy refers to energy that’s naturally generated from the sun, wind, waves or another natural renewable source, in contrast to energy generated from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Other terms used that mean the same are: renewable, clean and green energy.
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Renewable energy derived from resources that are regenerative (and cannot be depleted) are fundamentally different from fossil fuels in that they do not produce pollutants or greenhouse gases affecting air quality, the ozone layer and climate change. The term clean energy is also an excellent way to describe these resources for power.

Calculation your Solar Panels or Wind Generators

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