In 2019 the Passive House Conference will be held in China for the first time

Prof. Wolfgang Feist. 22 International Passive House Conference 2018

Energy Efficiency Highly Popular in China

[Darmstadt/Munich, Germany]  The 22nd Passive House Conference in Munich came to an end on Saturday. The next International Passive House Conference is to be held in China.and following tradition, Professor Wolfgang Feist announced the venue for the following conference. Energy efficient construction and retrofitting experts will convene in the Chinese city of Gaobeidian next year. This will be the first time that the renowned Conference will be held outside of Europe.

Booming construction industry

“We are aware that this decision may be surprising to some. However, it is in China where the most construction activities are currently taking place, and this will continue to be the case in the coming decades. Each new building brings with it an additional demand for energy for heating and cooling, therefore it is extremely gratifying that China is making serious efforts to radically improve the energy efficiency of buildings. There is still a chance of meeting the climate protection objectives,” explained Professor Wolfgang Feist of the University of Innsbruck.

Largest Passive House settlement

The 23rd International Passive House Conference will be held on 21 and 22 September 2019. The city of Gaobeidian lies around 100 kilometres south of the Chinese capital of Beijing in the Hebei Province. Among other things, a Passive House settlement is currently being built in Gaobeidian which, after completion, will be the largest energy efficient settlement in the world, boasting about one million square metres of living space.

Apartments can be viewed

The first construction phase of this settlement will have been completed by the time the 23rd Passive House Conference takes place. The apartments will be inhabited and it will be possible to view them. The settlement also features a guest house and a museum which have been built to the Passive House Standard. In general, many new buildings in China are currently being realised to the Passive House Standard, including in the cities Tianjin, Beijing and Qingdao.

Technology Park

To promote energy efficiency in the construction industry, a technology park was also constructed in Gaobeidian, which forms the basis for the construction industry with reference to the development and production of components, professional training and scientific education. The founder of the Passive House Institute Professor Wolfgang Feist explains the decision to hold the next Passive House Conference in China: “The Passive House Institute and the University of Innsbruck wish to support this development”.

“Positive impact”

The Passive House Standard can be applied anywhere in the world and can thus also be implemented in the various climatic conditions of China. Shou Qiang Ni, President of the Chinese company Windoor City,
explained in Munich: “The International Passive House Conference is the most important event on the subject of energy efficient construction. New products, technology and ideas are presented here. We are certain that
the 23rd International Passive House Conference in China will have a positive impact on furthering the development of energy efficient construction and environmental protection in our country”.

“Achieve better buildings” in Heidelberg

In addition to the 23rd International Passive House Conference in China, the “Achieve better buildings” Conference will take place next year in Heidelberg, Germany. On 3 and 4 May 2019 the Passive House Institute will offer workshops and lectures on the topic of energy efficient construction and retrofitting.

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