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 720 certified passive house windows, type ENERGYFRAME I Housing estate with 54 certified passive house doors  * Architect Rössing

720 certified passive house windows, type ENERGYFRAME I Housing estate with 54 certified passive house doors * Architect Rössing

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VARIOTEC maintains research and development-cooperations with leading in institutes and universities for the best possible product quality and future security. Also on account of own research capacities VARIOTEC takes up new, pointing the way trends and moves them in products and applications.

The first passive house certified solid wood window

The Energyframe solid wood window is the first passive house window without insulating material that has a certificate from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. Due to the complete insulation over the blind frame erreicht the window achieves the thermal passage that is required for the installation:
UW Einbau = 0,84 W/(m2K)

Ultrahouse construction 85

The top in technique and design in the Ultrahouse construction. In connection with the Ultrahaus window VARIOTEC Type 2 in wood/wood or wood/aluminium this is the future-oriented system for constructions without condensation water.

  • All common exterior frame dimensions are possible
  • Door panel thickness: 85 mm
  • UD=1,05 W/m2K
  • Formats: Height: 2050/2150/2250/2400/2600 mm
    Width: 950/1050/1250 mm
  • Wood types: Okoume SF/MF, Sapeli MF, kor./Calabrian pin MF, larch MF, spruce MF, oak MF, MDF Exterior 3 mm/6 mm
  • Wood types of the frame: pin, spruce, larch, oak, meranti
  • Reducibility: max. circular 5 mm; door panel will be produced as a finished format
  • Machining: CNC machined, ready-for-assembly
  • Accessories: VARIOTEC all-inclusive hardware package
    Blind scantling: 95 × 95 mm


The first passive house certified exterior door

The absolute top in technology and design compound  in the passive house construction. In connection with Windowboard, the wood/wood or wood/aluminium window system.

  • Thermosafe 100All saleable dimensions of the exterior frame are possible
  • Thickness of the door panel: 100 mm
  • UD=0,61 W/m2K
  • Formats: height: 1950-2600 mm
    Width: 850-1240 mm
  • Types of wood: okoume SF/MF, sapeli, Calabrian pine, larch, spruce, oak, beech, ash, MDF Exterior 3 mm/6 mm
  • Types of wood of the frame: pine, spruce, larch, oak, meranti
  • Machining: ready-to-assemble, CNC machined
  • Accessories: VARIOTEC all-inclusive hardware package
  • Blind frame: 95 × 95 mm

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2 Responses to “Passive house – Construction systems VARIOTEC”

  1. Anna says:

    It’s great to see how energy efficient Passive House is spreading all our Globe awaking a new wave of green technologies and planting hope on better future, independent from our dangerous destructive consumption of natural resources of our beautiful world.

  2. Great to know such a noble company as VARIOTEC, is a leading manufacture of passive House building components!
    One of important components of truly Passive House is Passive House efficient Windows.

    Five important components of a passive house:

    1. Exceptionally high levels of insulation;

    2. Well insulated window frames with triple low energy glass;

    3. Design free of cold bridges;

    4. Sealed shell building;

    5. Comfortable ventilation with high efficient heat recovery.

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