Expanded insulation cork board manufactured by Amorim Isolamentos, a subsidiary of Corticeira Amorim, has been considered one of the TOP 10 most eco-friendly and sustainable products for the construction industry and, therefore, has been included in the “Top-10 Green Building Products for 2013” by BuildingGreen, publisher of the GreenSpec directory and Environmental Building News (EBN). The award was just announced moments ago at the 11th Conference of the U.S. Green Building Council, which took place in S. Francisco.

Based on a product analysis made available by GreenSpec and EBN, this award acknowledges insulation cork board as one of the most innovative products in terms of sustainable construction.

“After a year of severe drought followed by extensive flooding across the country, the BuildingGreen Top-10 Green Building Products for 2013 includes several sustainable solutions for managing moisture in buildings and more appropriate irrigation systems” said Alex Wilson, founder of BuildingGreen and executive editor of GreenSpec. He also reveals that in this year’s product selection primacy was given to “companies focusing on resilience and energy efficiency issues, including a good use of materials and cutting-edge technology, among other requirements.”

Corticeira Amorim’s expanded insulation cork board has been considered a highly beneficial solution in terms of energy efficiency and efficient use of materials. Expanded insulation cork board’s high thermal and acoustic insulation performance and consistent reliable performance during its useful life are among the several technical advantages of using this product. The features of expanded insulation cork board – 100% natural, renewable and recyclable – and its highly efficient manufacturing process generating no waste – were also decisive criteria for the selection process.

According to Carlos Manuel, General Manager of Amorim Isolamentos, “Although it is not surprising to see expanded insulation cork board in GreenBuilding’s TOP 10 products, it is very pleasing to receive this award, another acknowledgement of the ecological significance and high performance of the main product manufactured by Amorim Isolamentos, a company boasting a sustainability-oriented organizational culture.”

“The BuildingGreen’s Top 10 product awards attract a lot of interest and enthusiasm among magazine editors, readers and the global construction industry. It is expected that this award will result in a major boost in demand for our cork products in the U.S.A, a key market for our building and decoration materials”, said Carlos Manuel.

The GreenSpec is the largest U.S.A directory of sustainable construction products. The selection of products is based on criteria developed over the past 20 years. The application for the selection process is absolutely free and the database is also available online at the BuildingGreen website.