First Passive House consumer market in Germany opens in Hanover

Credit to: ProKlima-Hanover

The enercity fund proKlima promotes the flagship project with 131,000 euros

© ProKlima-Hannover: The first nation-wide consumer market in energy-saving Passive House Standard in Hanover. (Photo: Meravis)

Hanover 05 th, December 2012 – On 6 December 2012 opened the first nationwide consumer market in energy-saving Passive House Standard. Location: The unique in Europe, zero emission urban “zero: e park” with 300 planned Passive House residential buildings in Hanover Wettbergen in the street “on the Sohlorte”. Of the meravis housing and real estate GmbH built REWE store has a sales area of 1,300 square meters and is characterized by the fact that due to the low energy consumption, emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide is 30 percent lower than normal newly built supermarkets this magnitude. “The new world of the first completed under this standard Passive House consumer market and thus an outstanding pilot project,” said proKlima CEO Harald Halfpaap, adding: “We are proud that this showcase was with us here built in Hanover”.

The Passive House Institute and the enercity fund proKlima have developed together with REWE and the universities “Chalmers” from Gothenburg and the ETH Zurich, the performance requirements for each component. Unlike residential energy demand is not a consumer market so heavily influenced by the quality of the building envelope, but mainly through food cooling and lighting. The cooling has. Account for around 60 percent, and the lighting of about 20 percent of total energy consumption Thus can be achieved where the greatest savings.

Food refrigeration provides space heating

A conventional heating system for space heating does not exist. The heat demand is covered mainly by the waste heat from the refrigeration system. Instead of a variety of compression chillers, the cooling is centralized in a so-called compound refrigeration system. In summer, the heat can be dissipated efficiently outside without heat the salesroom. If only on very cold days, the waste heat from the cooling is not sufficient, in addition an external air pump is used. Market Best efficient refrigeration units come with all appliances. This is partly to designs that have been realized in this form before.

The lighting is designed for low energy use: The installed capacity of the lighting is only 12 watts per square meter energy reference area. “For a grocery store, this is an extremely low value and the result is superb lighting,” explains Halfpaap.

DGNB Award for sustainability

The new REWE supermarket is also awarded the certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council. The DGNB certificate is a national award, which was created in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development in life.

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