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Multilingual sustainable construction glossary launched

The beginning of this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) was marked by the launch conference of the multilingual version of the Common Language ‘sustainable construction glossary’. The multilingual version of this project was formally introduced on 11 April, at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), in partnership with the Architects Council of Europe […]

15th International Passive House Conference Press Breakfast on 6th April 2011

Energy efficiency -a real alternative! 15th International Passive House Conference presents solutions Darmstadt/Innsbruck/Vienna, 06.04.2011 The answer to the question of which energy is most environmentally acceptable is: less energy. Good energy efficient solutions are characterised by the fact that they provide more comfort and safety besides saving energy. They represent an advantage for users as […]

Buyer’s Guide to Green Insulation

Credit to: Insulation comes in a variety of forms. Loose fill is blown into (or sometimes damp-sprayed into) attic rafter spaces and wall cavities. Rigid foam insulation boards are usually put between the interior wall and the house’s siding, and foam is sprayed into wall cavities and used to seal air leaks. Blanket rolls […]

Thermal insulation materials

The thermal insulation of a building can be done in two ways: as static or dynamic insulation. There are even materials that reflect thermal radiation, thereby affecting the heat loss of a building and which should be considered as representative of a particular method of insulation of their own. Static and dynamic insulation In static […]

Green Building Resources

Green Passive solar homes with sustainable in mind

Green Building Materials

Green Passive solar homes with sustainable in mind

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