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© 172 Passive house apartments at the Offenbacher MAN.

With a joint construction project to neighboring cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach document their connectedness: 172 apartments built the ABG Frankfurt Holding on the former premises of the Offenbach press manufacturer MAN Roland. Yesterday, the two mayors Horst Schneider (Offenbach) and Peter Feldmann (Frankfurt) have set the break ground.

Feldmann described the collaboration as an example. Schneider stressed that “grow together even more closely than central components of the metropolitan area, the two neighboring cities,” with this second project of ABG after the housing 178 apartments on the pier.

ABG CEO Frank Junker pointed out that seven years ago an urban design competition was launched, which saw the emergence of the Frankfurt architect Michael Landes as the winner. 50 of the 172 apartments have an account jointly to promote the country’s two cities. This was “not a matter of course”. These 50 apartments are rented to beneficiaries to one square meter price of 5.20 euros.Target groups are, for example, nurses or nurses with ordinary income.

The City would promote 32 apartments, while Offenbach take over the promotion of 18 apartments, explained Feldmann. He pointed out that the construction of new housing for local authorities “an investment in the so-called concrete gold” is, with the larger the silverware of the cities and was not being reduced.

All apartments will be built to the Passive House standard. The privately financed would be rented for 9.50 euros per square meter, Junker said. He praised the city of Offenbach for their “reasonable Pitch Articles” that do not challenge a parking space for each apartment. This leads to lower construction costs and therefore lower rents. For the 172 flats 97 places will be created in an underground car park and 50 above-ground parking.

On the former industrial areal also a great Rewe market and restaurants and other stores to be opened in the listed building, administration building and in an adjacent former factory building. Between the shops and two houses are a great park. WYG