Credit to : IG Passivhaus

10.01.2013 PHI Press release

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist presents certificates to the BAU in Munich

Darmstadt / Munich. The design flexibility in the planning of a Passive House is growing.

The number of newly certified by the Passive House Institute components reached 2012 a Record – a total of 134 products were awarded the recognized PHI seal of quality. Special requests a builder for architects are also at the highest standards of energy efficiency so no longer a problem: Even for components such as doors, skylights and balcony systems some manufacturers have now become certified products. At the trade fair BAU 2013 Munich in the Passive House Institute will award certificates for a number of new products.

“Anyone who is building a Passive House has a choice of more and more high-quality Components, “said institute director Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist. The show is often the Price. “The pioneers in the market have their products in the past few years further improve and simplify their application, new vendors have been added. As the results the required components for Passive Houses are available in large numbers and in many cases, they become less expensive “, Prof. Wolfgang Feist continues.

The Passive House ventilation system  for planners have since the end of 2012 the choice between more than one hundred certified devices. The number of quality-controlled window frame is also just under a hundred. “This development will benefit the building industry” says Dr. Benjamin Krick, a researcher of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

The certificates were finally in the use of corresponding components in other efficiency of buildings is a guarantee of high thermal quality.

As an independent body, tested and certified products on the Passive House Institute in terms their suitability for use in Passive Houses. Excellent components after uniform criteria, and comparable in terms of the energetic characteristics.

Builders and architects, the seal of quality planning. Usetested products also contributes to the proper functioning of a Passive House.

At the BAU in Munich following certificate transfers are by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist planned by the Passive House Institute of the respective manufacturers.

For more information – download BAU program of PHI : Flyer_Bau_2013