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  • Exhibitors delighted: “the BAU trade fair where you need to be is”.
  • With over 235,000 visitors was the record level of 2011 again reached.
  • For the first time more than 60,000 international visitors.
  • Top architects such as Daniel Libeskind and Christoph Ingenhoven confirm the importance of the BAU as the leading architects fail.

BAU, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials, systems, more international, and become finer than ever and even more professional. On this denominator can bring six successful days, the No. 1 platform in the industry again with the venues enthusiastic exhibitors and visitors have brought. 

Despite some bad weather with snow-covered streets and hundreds of flight cancellations came back more than 235,000 visitors to Munich, once again was the record high of reached in 2011. Among the international visitors for the first time has surpassed the mark of 60,000

Particularly strong growth was from Russia (2,920 visitors), China (1,091) and Japan (750). BAU, the tenor of the exhibitors, putting quality at once, both in terms of level design and product presentation as well as to the quality the visitors. Its reputation as the “architect Fair” was the BAU this time all the glory. Again there were some 50,000 visitors from architecture and design firms. 
Fair CEO Reinhard Pfeiffer sees the BAU clear road to success: “BAU has the set in the fair high expectations fulfilled. With 50,000 architects and designers, it is the claim has become the world’s most important architects exhibition absolutely fair. 

The exhibitors were very satisfied but also about the continued rise in international trade visitors. The increase is non-EU countries such as Russia and China owe. BAU has underscoring its international leading trade-clear.” The reputation of the world’s leading trade fair BAU as the industry is based not least on thearchitectural high stands of many exhibitors, which appeared never more apparent than at the BAU 2013th. 

The company shunned more than ever no expense to emphatically put to the six-day event staged. Spectacular stands, brimming exhibition halls, non-stop intensive discussions at the booths and well-informed customers from around the world who are looking for tailor-made solutions for specific projects – these impressions will be remembered and explain the long-term success of the BAU

At presented 180,000 square meters of hall space is 2,060 exhibitors from 41 countries, including a who’s who of the material, component and system manufacturers. Dieter Schäfer, Chairman of the Advisory Board of BAU and CEO of Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG, raised in his summary. Therefore, the further increase in quality of stands out: “They reflect, in addition to innovative products and the expertise of the stand personnel, reflect the outstanding position of the BAU.

BAU has confirmed its position as the leading international trade fair impressive. “Like many other exhibitors, it also had Martin Hörmann, Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Board of BAU and General Partner, Hörmann KG, the impression that the BAU more visitors abroad from has attracted: “The audience was in my estimation even more international. Especially from neighboring states and from Eastern Europe were more visitors than in 2011, “From the perspective of Clemens Bierig, Managing PCI Augsburg , BAU has increased their already high level again, “The BAU is a very demanding show, and the audience ago. She will be the claim that the world’s leading trade fair in the industry, more and more just. In Europe it has long been the central Fair “, expressed similar sentiments. 

Jan van Moerkerke, Internal Sales Manager, Renson, Belgium: “The BAU is the show where you have to be. This opens up new export opportunities and potentials. Nowhere else can you reach so many visitors in such a short period. ” That the BAU now an absolute “has developed hot spot” for architects around the world, was more than evident in the array of star architects, the time on the BAU were guests. Daniel Libeskind, will be built according to the design currently the “One World Trade Center”, arrived from New York and met up at the BAU with his no less prominent colleagues Christoph Ingenhoven, Juhani Pallasmaa, Mario Cucinella, Andrei Borkov and Jean-Michel JaspersAmong the highlights of the BAU 2013 certainly was the talk show of six renowned architects on sustainability. In addition to the BAU as a guest:Patrik Schumacher, Hadi Teherani, Bert van Berkel, Tobias Walliser, Stefan Behnisch and Werner SobekAs an absolute audience favorite, especially among the younger generation, proved again the three forums at BAUExperts from the world of design and construction, including big names on the architectural scene marked, there their view of things on topics such as Energy 2.0, Parametric Design, Engineered Materials or urban mining. As an example, the Dutchman Bert van Berkel spoke about the future of the design resembled the Forum Hall C2 a crowded lecture hall. top speakers free, authentic and up close right to experience the bustle of the fair, this is also a unique feature of the BAU . The overarching This time was the theme at BAUsustainable design and construction, its various aspects were not only technically functional, but also from a social science and economy in forums and special lighted and discussed.

The corresponding special shows were of the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance, the DGNB German Sustainable Building, ift Rosenheim and the German Society for Gerontological realized GGT ®. For many exhibitors, the dominant green color, they turned their product presentations entirely on the “Green Building” from again were part of BAU awarded numerous prizes , including the prize 1:1 “The first house” in cooperation with “Bauwelt” WAN Product of the Year Award 2012, the AIT Innovation Award, the Award for Product Innovation – Renovation and the price “Built on IT – Building for the Future”, the building materials market and the Bavarian engineer Oskar price.Highlight was certainly the announcement of the winners of the Archi-World Academy, a competition organized by the BAU had advertised together with the architecture portal Archi-World. The twelve winners, who were selected from over 1000 applicants from all over the world can look forward over six-month internships with top international architects and were impressed alongside their future employers. 

This jackpot drew Diana Vatinyan that Daniel Libeskind was selected for a six-month internship in his New York office“What happened today makes me speechless,” said the Russian-born young architect. Opened BAU was 2013 by Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, the for, accompanied by his Japanese counterpart Shigeru Kikukawa, Vice-Minister of Engineering Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, traveled to Munich. Ramsauer said he was confident that the energy revolution in Germany would “for export” develop. He also stressed in this context the importance of the energy performance of buildings.

A highlight at the BAU was again the Long Night of Architecture . With more than 20,000 visitors to once again significantly exceeded the already impressive debut two years ago. (See also the BAU Press Release No. 23). The character of the BAU as a business and innovation platform is also implemented in the market research institute TNS survey conducted resist (Comparative figures in brackets). Thereafter, 97% (2011: 96%) of visitors rated the BAU with “good to excellent”, 95% (97%) want to come backGave top ratings it especially for the depth and breadth of the offering and the presence of market leaders. 94% (93%) of visitors to BAU seen as fair. 94% of respondents who attended the pre-investment to the BAU, this target is reported to have reached even 92% have even made ??specific investments. Also 92% of those who wanted to find out about new products, these have proved too successful. The general program, Forum at the forefront of special shows and received top marks from almost all visitors. Once again showed that the BAU is a show by professionals for professionals. The proportion of trade visitors at this time was 94% (95%). Also, the economic recovery in the German construction market can be read out of the survey. After all, 83% of respondents described the current situation in the industry as “excellent to good”, 45% believe that they will improve in future. 

On pages of the exhibitors rated almost all (95%) with the BAU “excellent to good”. Also almost all exhibitors (98%) intend to participate again in 2015The quality of visitors was given as 2011 95% of exhibitors honors. Almost half of the BAU exhibitor believes that the economic situation of the industry remains good, similar to the 43% of my visitors that they will improve in the future, or even slightly strong.  

The next BAU takes place from 19 to 24 January 2015 on the grounds of the Munich Trade Fair Centre. 

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