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Photo: © Passive House Institute (Germany) The Muhmann family won a short stay in a Passive House in Großschönau (Austria).

Photo: © Passive House Institute (Germany) The Muhmann family won a short stay in a Passive House in Großschönau (Austria).

Darmstadt, 15.1.2013. Those wishing to experience the advantages of Passive House buildings first hand can avail themselves of the opportunity to do so in April in a competition taking place at the International Passive House Conference in Frankfurt am Main. Correct answers to some simple Passive House questions combined with a bit of luck can win you a short stay in a particularly efficient accommodation in Vienna, near the River Rhine or at the foot of the Alps. The winners of last year’s competition confirm that it’s worth your while!

“As soon as we entered the holiday home, we were pleasantly surprised by the attractive layout and the pleasant atmosphere”, says Klaus Bittermann, who unexpectedly won a holiday in Austria at last year’s Conference in Hanover. Accompanied by his daughter and her fiancé, the three spent one week in the “Herberge” holiday home in Kleinwalsertal. In spite of subfreezing temperatures and the 80 cm of snow, it was cosy inside the house. During the seven days there, Bitterman mentioned that he never once felt the need to air out the rooms by opening the windows as he typically would, as the air was always fresh. “At the start, we just had a general interest in Passive House, but we returned home as Passive House fans after a week’s stay in that holiday home.”

The same happened with power engineer Christian Muhmann from Osnabrück, Germany. Also having visited the International Passive House Conference in Hanover at the start of May 2012, he won the chance to enjoy a short holiday in a Passive House in the village of Großschönau in Lower Austria, together with his family, which he took advantage of a few months thereafter.

Several Passive House accommodation operators are again providing attractive prizes for the Passive House Conference taking place in Frankfurt am Main from 17 to 21 April 2013. This time it will be possible to win overnight stays in the “Residenz Schloss Engers” in Neuwied am Rhein (Germany), the “Explorer Hotel“ in

Oberstdorf, Montafon or Neuschwanstein (Germany), the “Boutiquehotel Stadthalle” in Vienna (Austria) and the Passive House complex “Sonnenplatz” in Großschönau (Austria).

Conference: Friday, 19 April and Saturday 20 April 2013 Framework programme beginning Wednesday 17 April 2013 Passive House Excursions: Sunday, 21 April 2013 Venue: Congress Centrum Frankfurt am Main Organisers: Passive House Institute and the City of Frankfurt am Main Further information and registration: