Green Passive Solar Home Plans with Sustainable Design
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This eco
friendly Passive Solar House is nestled among mature trees and has a lean, "green" design that
still puts style and comfort in the forefront. It stands apart from the crowd
equally for its elegance and grace, and its eco friendly passive solar design
and constructions.

Passive House designed in a traditional cottage style has a simple and elegant
shape. It is a 3-bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen-dinning room, 1 office, 1
guest room, 3.5-bathroom, 140 square meters, two-story single family home with
a slopping roof

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"I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain" ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
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Green Tips to go simple green idea is to cut down on waste, reusing energy, and centering yourself towards efficiency.

Green Harmony Home is sharing our tips and references how to improve your house making it energy efficient.


Summary table of Insulation

Summary table of InsulationInsulation is an essential component of passive design. It improves building envelope performance by minimizing heat loss and heat gain through walls, roof and floors. 



Guide to solar-powered water pumping systems in New York State





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