Green Passive Solar Home Plans with Sustainable Design
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This eco
friendly Passive Solar House is nestled among mature trees and has a lean, "green" design that
still puts style and comfort in the forefront. It stands apart from the crowd
equally for its elegance and grace, and its eco friendly passive solar design
and constructions.

Passive House designed in a traditional cottage style has a simple and elegant
shape. It is a 3-bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen-dinning room, 1 office, 1
guest room, 3.5-bathroom, 140 square meters, two-story single family home with
a slopping roof

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"I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain" ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Green Passive Solar Homes Plans, CAD Design 

Green Design of Passive Solar House is  your intelligent decision, for life now and for the future generations

Green Passive Solar House Plans DesignGreen Harmony Home has been committed to providing quality design projects for our  customers. Our years of experience has given an understanding of the importance of long-term value in this market. We are well aware of the limited construction budgets involved in these projects.
Our design team works with the other design professionals to provide a quality design that will last for years and conform to the specific architecture of  the facility. We realize every client is different, and each has specific design requirements.
We focus on occupant comfort, less home maintenance, healthy home air quality, design  aesthetics, and market value in applying conservation to our clients' homes. By selecting only the construction elements and energy conservation equipment that truly saves our clients' money, Green Harmony Home design a superior, sustainable green home that meets our clients' individual values and needs. We strive to balance these limitations with systems that provide good control with low operational costs, at a low construction cost.
Green Harmony Home offers years of experience, backed by a wealth of technical expertise, to provide our customers:
 Calculation of Passive House Energy Balance, design opyimization in PHPP9.7 (2015)
Renewing and Remodeling Old Houses Design


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