Credit to Passive House Institute, Germany, Press release 14 March 2013


Photo: © PassREg Beacon project: New daycare centre – Im Wiesengrunde

Meeting our energy needs sustainably into the future requires nothing short of an energy revolution. In terms of our built environment, perhaps the greatest opportunity lies in the promotion of an “energy efficiency first” approach to building, supplemented by renewable energies. The 2014 Passive House Award, a competition organised by the Passive House Institute within the EU funded project PassREg (Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies), will recognise innovative projects demonstrating the great potential and versatility offered by highly energy-efficient buildings supplied with renewable energies. Competition entries can range in scope from single buildings to entire districts or regions. Submissions will be evaluated by an independent jury of highly qualified experts based on their energy efficiency and sustainable energy supply concepts along with other features such as cost-effectiveness and architectural design.

The competition will be announced at the 17th International Passive House Conference, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 17 – 21 April 2013, and the winning projects will be presented one year later at the 2014 Conference. As part of the PassREg project, this competition will command maximum visibility at the EU level while promoting the dissemination and application of the concepts upon which the projects are based.

The award, currently financed by the Passive House Institute along with funding through the PassREg project, presents a valuable sponsorship opportunity. Sponsors will be featured on the Passive House Award website, a poster exhibition showcasing the winners at the 2014 International Passive House Conference and a variety of other events throughout Europe, as well as on pamphlets, brochures and other Passive House Institute publications. The more generous your support is, the more effective the publicity will be for the competition and
thus for your company as its sponsor. Attached you will find detailed information on the types of sponsorship packages available.

Passive House, complemented with renewable energy sources, offers an attractive solution to combine functionality, comfort, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

You can help promote this concept by supporting the 2014 Passive House Award. Simply fill in the attached sponsorship form and return it to us. We look forward to
receiving your contribution. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Sabine Stillfried at or via telephone on +49 (0) 6151 / 82699-0.